Clinical Study

Nano Retina has completed a prospective, multi-site, single-arm interventional clinical study of its NR600 retina implant. To qualify for the study,  subjects must have a   confirmed diagnosis of end-stage hereditary outer retinal degeneration such as Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) or cone-rod dystrophy.

The primary endpoint of the study is safety, and the secondary endpoint is visual performance at 6-months post-optimization. Study participants will be followed for 18-months post optimization of the implant.

Up-to-date, nine patients were successfully implanted and are being treated with the NR600 system as part of the clinical study. The first four implantations were performed by Prof. Peter Stalmans at UZ Leuven, Belgium, followed by an implantation by Dr. Rita Ehrlich at the Rabin MC, Israel.  

Many of the world’s preeminent retinal specialists and surgeons are Clinical Investigators of the NR-600 study, including:

Professor Peter Stalmans of UZ Leuven in Leuven, Belgium

Professor Inge Joniau of UZ Ghent in Ghent, Belgium

Professor Francesco Bandello of San Raffaele in Milan, Italy

Professor Stanislao Rizzo of Gemelli in Rome, Italy

Professor Adiel Barak of Sourasky in Tel-Aviv, Israel

Dr. Rita Erliech of Rabin Medical Center in Petach-Tikva, Israel